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Promoting Partnerships for Business Success

About Us

Mission Statement

The Mission of the Greater Montgomery Area Chamber of Commerce is to create partnerships among area businesses and the community at large to enhance future growth and success for all.

Why join the GMACC?

Reason number one for joining any Chamber is sales pipeline – meeting and acquiring new referrals, prospects and ultimately clients. Participation in Chamber events gives you direct access to a pipeline of referrals. It’s a fact that a single client can more than pay your annual Chamber membership. Chamber membership provides introductions for you and your business to community, government and business leaders. While each may have a different perspective, all are challenged with many of the same issues – growth, operations, product set, sales channels, etc. Sometimes the best new ideas for one business come from someone in an entirely different industry, selling to a very different customer. The more time you spend with and learn from fellow business owners, the smarter you’ll be about how to operate, optimize and grow your own business. The GMACC is dedicated to promoting partnerships for business success – your business success.

Discover Opportunities

With a variety of business education programs, social gatherings and community events, GMACC members have plenty of opportunities to network. We not only encourage but fully promote it.

If your business has an event coming up, let the Chamber know about it and we’ll help get the word out to the rest of our members.

Grand openings, ribbon cuttings, after hour events, and leads group meetings are just some of the effective ways we offer to help you expand your business network.

Enhance Your Credibility

As a member of the Greater Montgomery Area Chamber of Commerce, your business is also listed on the Chamber’s website lending further credibility to your organization.

When prospective customers visit the site they know you are a real business, and willing to invest time and money to be an active member of our growing business community.

By actively contributing to this community, you help foster health and continued growth for everyone.

Generate Leads

When the Chamber receives inquiries asking for business referrals, our policy is to refer only our members. In addition, our Leads Group is the most direct means of acquiring business referrals. It consists of a group of individuals from non-competing businesses who meet on a regular basis to do just that — exchange business leads and referrals.

Being part of a Leads group is like having a personal army of scouts keeping an eye out for you and your business, while you do the same for them.

To find out how you can visit and join this group, contact the Chamber office at 630-897-8137.

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Latest News & Events

Monthly Networking Luncheon at Six19
Join us for our Monthly Networking Luncheon on Tuesday, May 24th from 11:30am-1:00pm at Six19, 242 Mitchell Ave in Plano. Registration required. Please email to register.
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Grand Opening & Ribbon Cutting for LaVie MedSpa
You are invited to LaVie MedSpa Grand Opening & Ribbon Cutting on Friday, May 20th at 2pm at Kane and Kendall Spine Management, 2100 Baseline Road in Montgomery. RSVP to 630-906-1700.
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Morning Networking at Anthony Roofing
Join us for Morning Networking on Tuesday, May 17th from 8:30-9:30am at Anthony Roofing Tecta America, 1677 Montgomery Road, Suite 106 in Aurora. To register, email
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